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Ground Transportation Kansas City

Ground Transportation Kansas City

Business, entertainment, reunions – Kansas City is home to it all. And it starts with the city’s own international airport. KCI is the city’s central travel hub and connects flights with cars, buses and even the city’s light rail system. At the forefront of that transportation metropolis is Prestige Transportation’s Kansas City limousine services. We know KCI inside and out and monitor its activity, allowing us to plan the best routes dynamically.

Our airport services begin with the flight number. Let us know the airline, along with the number for your flight, and we’ll take care of the rest! As we’ve mentioned, our professional limousine drivers are well-versed in the airport’s layout.

Unusual schedules and flight delays permeate the airline industry. Fortunately, we have the services to match. Early arrival time? We’ll be there for you. Flight delayed? We’ll wait. We’ll even arrive early if the flight is landing ahead of schedule. We’re committed to working with your schedule, even if it’s a little unconventional. With your flight number and we’ll monitor its expected arrival time and any potential for delays.

With your flight information, we can also determine which gate you’ll be arriving at in the terminal. This makes pick up a breeze, as we can easily meet you at the gate then proceed to baggage claim to retrieve your luggage, then help you carry it to the limo’s abundant cargo space.

Once you’re finally out of the hectic airport and into your limousine, sedan or SUV, you’ll probably want a few moments to relax. Fortunately, we make relaxation a breeze. Each of our vehicles features plush, smooth seating. Feel free to sit back or even lay down. We also offer water and mints to help you refresh during your ride. Add a little jazz (or any genre you prefer) to the ambience over our premium stereos, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a little R&R.

Don’t worry about the previous passengers either. We meticulously clean and disinfect our limos and other vehicles between each ride. Even the finest details are cared for, leaving you with a pristine, germ-free space to forget the stresses of the world – even if only for a moment.

Excited about seeing your friends, relatives or colleagues? You don’t have to wait until your arrival to connect with them. High speed Wi-Fi is available upon request Connect in real-time using any web-enabled device. This is especially useful if an accident puts traffic at a standstill. Just imagine carrying on with your meeting even if you can’t reach its location. If it ends early enough, you just might have enough free time left to redirect your chauffeur to a more desirable restaurant, park or city attraction. Don’t worry about us, we’re happy to add additional stops to your original trip.

Not sure who to look for after arriving to the airport? We’ll email you your chauffeur’s information in advance. You’ll receive their direct phone number, name, and any additional information automatically by email. They will also be waiting for you at your KCI arrival gate, with your name or alias of your choosing professionally displayed on an ipad. In other words, you’ll know exactly who to look for when arriving and can always call to confirm. These are typically sent 24 hours in advance of your expected arrival.

Flights are often best booked in advance, and so are our Kansas City limo services. Prestige Transportation is always ready to accept your call or pick you up 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, even on holidays. So as soon as your flight is booked, give us a call or book online. That way, we can ensure that a vehicle will be ready to pick you up and will monitor the details of your flight even before it takes off.

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