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Ground Transportation Kansas City

Ground Transportation Kansas City

What better way to spend it than with a night out on the city? Kansas City offers the perfect setting for a romantic night out. There are a variety of restaurants for dinner dates, shows for entertainment and even parks for a romantic walk. However, they do tend to be spread pretty far from each other. While nothing says romantic like a ride on the bus or rail system, prom attendees will be subject to each and every stop in the midst of a tight schedule for their big dance. Fortunately, Prestige Transportation offers Kansas City’s premiere prom limousine services.

Prom Limo Services: Safety First

Parents, don’t worry; your teen is in good hands. Our professional drivers are well versed not only in Kansas City’s streets but also the special considerations of dealing with minors. After all, this will be a night of firsts for most teens, but there are some experiences that high schooler’s just aren’t ready for. We enforce a strict no-tolerance drinking and drug policy for minors and have implemented safeguards in case kids begin acting a little too unruly. Rest assured, we are here to provide a fun and safe prom night experience.

Exploring the City

The dance itself is just a piece of the puzzle; prom night is an entire experience in itself. It neither begins nor ends with the party. Rather, you’ll want to spend some time with your date. Since you’ve already dressed up anyways, it’s probably worth finding a few photo ops around the city. Whatever your plans, Prestige Transportation offers unlimited stops with all prom night limo reservations.

Premium Sound Systems in all KC Limos

Teens love their music. It helps set the trends that high schoolers follow and is sure to play an important role throughout prom night. Each of our KC limousines feature a premium sound system compatible with all of the latest devices. Teens can easily connect their own custom playlists just as easily as they would to any car stereo.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

We live in a digital world. What better way to document your special night than sharing it on social media? Share all the crazy, fun photos and videos you like with family and friends while on the go! And do it without using up all of your data. Just let us know in advance if you’d like Wi-Fi included with your reservation.

Group Reservations

Looking for a way to lower the cost of your prom limo service? Bring your friends! Teens love hanging out with their closest buds, and our limousines offer plenty of space for groups of friends. Imagine; having even more fun on your prom night while also saving money along the way.

Custom Limo Décor

Prom is all about school spirit, and we have the décor to match. Just let us know in advance, and we’ll have your limo’s interior decked out with your school colors and mascot. Take a few pictures, then tag them on social media with your friends and school. If you have another idea for custom décor, let us know that too; you may be surprised by just how much we can customize the interior of our vehicles.

Ready to get Started?

Prom night is one of the most important nights in the life of a high schooler. We strive to provide a memorable experience that will truly last a lifetime. To reserve your limo or learn more about our services give us a call or send an email to get started! Remember, we’re here to serve you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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